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Thank you for taking the time to look at our range of Timber Signs

Using our point to point computerized router we can reproduce just about anything that can be done on a computer. Giving you the freedom to create a sign in many fonts and adding graphics as well to personalize your sign
We can also router shapes ,templates, cut any shape for production or prototype

Below are some Examples Please Click to Enlarge

For a Quote on a Timber Sign that you would like Please email or Phone

  Email :
Phone : 0508 woodworx (toll free)
0508 966396


Because we Take Pride in making a Quality Product that will Last for many years

The signs can be routered onto many different timbers supplied by us or by the customer. We use mostly 25mm kwila as it is a good solid hard wood (most outdoor furniture is made from it) or macrocarpa in boards or in thicker flitch's to give a more natural rustic look.

We can paint and finish the sign for you or provide it routered only for you to paint or leave as is

We will email you a print out of the proposed sign layout for your approval

This is a general pricing guide email for an exact quote Minimum charge for a sign is $100.00:

Timber 150mm wide =$20.00mtr
200mm wide = $25.00mtr
Flitches = $120.00 per mtr
Letters each =
$8.00 to 50mm high / $10 to 100mm high/ $13.00 to 150mm high
Painted per letter = $2.00 - $3.00
Graphics $60.00-100.00

Click to see Examples full size

acres.jpg aircraft sign.JPG alton sign.JPG
db sign.JPG
graham sign. jackson.jpg fernside sign.
painted sign.
glentui sign.JPG
lydon.jpg planeacres.JPG
rivington.jpg barns.jpg no shoes.JPG

timber sign.JPG
oval sign.JPG whitford.jpg.
pateke.jpg glenorcy farm redjacket.jpg
northcote.jpg whites.jpg teppanyaki.jpg


timber sign2.JPG

timber signs.jpg


Some of the Options Available are:

25mm kwila timber

25mm Macrocarpa timber

50mm Macrocarpa Flitch's

Lots of Font choices (Benquit is the most popular)

Letter routered or reverse background routered

Negative routering for concrete casting in walls

Couriered any where in New Zealand